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Daily in the UK we use more than 7 MILLION DISPOSABLE CUPS - 500,000 are dropped on the floor!

UK is one of the worst in the World in disposable cup waste using 2.5 billion cups a year – this would create a pile of disposable cup waste as big as the Albert Hall in London!

We have 4 times more cafes in the UK as there were in 2000. Branded coffee shops have grown from around 600 to nearly 7500 outlets. 

Around half the coffee we drink is from a disposable cup!  

Recycling or compostable cups are not the answer! STOPPING is the answer!

We don't need to use any disposable cups ever. It is very simple to carry a reusable cup with you. It is also very simple for coffee shops such as Starbucks, Costa, Cafe Nero and Pret to stop serving coffee in disposable cups and make reusable take-away cups more obviously available and cheaper in price.

Unlike many environmental problems this one is not hard to fix - it can be fixed overnight!

Our Goals

We have two aims

1. We STOP using disposable cups for one day on 4 October


2. We STOP using disposable cups completely.

More Background

We have been destroying the planet and causing a massive amount of waste for no other reason than getting a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Coffee shops and cafes have made it so easy for us to get a disposable cup that we hardly notice we are doing it.

We need to notice and we need to stop now!


If we can stop using disposable cups for even one day then we will save the planet from the destruction caused by more than  1 billion used cups entering landfills Worldwide every month!

can you help?

Join our Team!


Our team is currently one. 


We need a team. I need help. 

If we are to stop disposable cups in their tracks we need everyone working to do that. If you have time or a skill to offer in this fight then get in touch and help!

Help needed to do the following:

- make this site better

- collect the facts and photos to illustrate the problem

- create and run a social media campaign

- contact all coffee shops to ask them to stop serving with disposable cups for the day on 4 October

- raise funds to help us 

- any other task to help us all to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee on the go while also stopping the mountain of disposable cups growing

Get in Contact

Let us know how you can help by email to